What is Unun

Integrated Management and Audit.

UNUN is able to provide total access control to its servers and equipment, whether via the web, desktop or cell phone. You will have auditing, integration with Microsoft® Active Directory ™ and the option of double factor authentication (2FA) to protect your most valuable asset: INFORMATION.

Wide compatibility.

Any host manageable over the network or internet can be connected to the tool. Be it a Windows server, Linux, Mac (VNC), routers and switches.

Home Office

Connect to a TS server or directly to the workstation: You choose the best way to work for your home based team. With Unun, home office access is simple, easy and productive.

What do you need?

Practicality | Reliability | Functionality | Commitment


Simplicity to manage access in your environment.

It is easy to perform accesses in your environment.
Whether to support or access company systems in your home office . UNUN offers a practical and easy environment to use.

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More protection for users and servers

More protection for users and servers username and password?
Just know your credentials with Unun and you're done! Remote accesses in just 2 clicks, with high security .

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The most important resource to protect your team

Protecting your team and your information.
All actions are logged and can be tracked in real time or audited by the administrator at any time.

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Simple or corporate structure: UNUN is for you!

Import your A.D. users or register them directly on Unun and have full control of who accesses your most important assets.

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Schedules and Tags

Practically customize all accesses and schedules

Customize accesses and schedules in a simple way.
With Unun tags, you are in control of who access what and when !

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Home Office

The workplace can be flexible. Control of access, no!

Through Unun, limit the applications authorized by RDP, make available a PDF printer, enable file transfer and double authentication factor (2FA) for the access of its users.

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Empresas que apoiam o UNUN

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General Data Protection Law of Brazil LGPD.

As of May 2021, the new General Data Protection Law of Brazil (LGPD) will come into force. The law will make companies that deal with privacy and the protection of citizens personal information more stringent.

UNUN assists the company to be in compliance with the LGPD, contributing strongly to meeting the premises required by law:


Learn more about Unun by accessing the datasheet with the features and technical specifications of the current version.
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Download UNUN client

Unun was designed to be used in your favorite web browser and also has a desktop client developed by our team. Download the version compatible with your operating system here.
Click here for the installation guide via repository.
Download for Windows Download for Linux

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